Along with Photography services for clients, I also offer image post-processing and high-end photo retouching for animals, humans, or any other subject. 

Color and Exposure Correction

I believe in the value of a proof-level image. This is an image that is consistent with the other images throughout your shoot. With this in mind, adjustments are limited to a starting point preset and individualized adjustments of the basic panel within Lightroom. This includes Temperature, Tint, Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Whites, Blacks, Clarity, Vibrance & Saturation. While there is no doubt that each and every image could have many minutes (if not hours) spent on it, my goal is to deliver a balanced, tonally consistent collection of images ready for any finishing touches you add on as the creating artist.



Everyone’s description of what “retouching” of an image means is slightly different. Retouching can make a HUGE difference in the product you deliver to your clients. Blemish removal, distraction clean-up, head swaps, sky replacement, overall beauty edits, multi-image comps, or anything else you can dream up, I’ve got you covered! When working with photographers behind the scenes, the extent to which images are retouched is individually managed and quoted either per body of work or per image. Please contact with your job details so I can give you an accurate quote on your job.


Animals are a challenge for many people. Whether it's leash removal, touching up grey hairs, fixing eye boogers/tear markings, sharpening/brightening eyes, or bringing out details in a black or white dog, I've got you covered. One of the most difficult things to deal with in retouching is hair. Allow me to handle this headache for you!


Skin Retouching

Blemishes? wrinkles? stray hairs? skin toning? All things that can be daunting and tedious while trying to retouch your own images. You won't find any patchy blurring, or plastic looking skin here. I use the best retouching methods to keep your images crisp, clear, and with all of the detail preserved.  


Background Clean-up

Managing a backdrop while on location can be tricky. There's lots of distractions and sometimes we just can't move that bright orange traffic cone or keep those assertive hands from dropping into the frame, and other times those dirty paws prints seam to get all over your seamless backdrops.  


Head Swaps

Sometimes it's difficult to get everyone paying attention at one time, and that's ok! Even a less than enthusiastic expression can be swapped. Babies, Models, dogs, and cats are just a few examples of different heads I've swapped. (not cross species of course... although, maybe I'll do that soon) 


Sky Swaps

Sky Swaps can bring an otherwise unimpressive image to life. For Sky swaps, I always make sure the colors tones in the sky will match the colors in the photo and the depth of field will be consistent. This way the composite looks realistic. All sky swap images are hi-res and owned by me so you can be sure to have a one of a kind edit! 


Turning on the lights

Drama! Drama! Drama! Sometimes it's just what your photo needs to go from ordinary to a stunning piece of unique art. Turning on the lights works especially well with photos shot on a wide lens, a high DOF, and a grand location. Pretty door stoops, stadiums, a lamp lit area in the park, etc. These photos are subject to preselection by myself, because the image needs to be shot with the right lighting for this type of edit to look realistic. 


Sample Gallery